Mr Morrison,

Your on-again, off-again commitment to early childhood education is holding Victorian parents and kinders to ransom.

Kinder gives our kids the best start at a critical time in their development and helps them prepare for school. By failing to invest in ongoing kindergarten funding, you’re failing our littlest Victorians.

An independent report, Lifting Our Game, found that short-term funding agreements “cause uncertainty” and “hamper planning.”

That’s certainly what families and educators have felt over the last four short-term agreements negotiated under your Government.

Incredibly, only 24 hours after that report was released, that’s exactly what you offered – another short-term 12 month agreement.  It’s just not good enough.

If the Federal Government cut kindergarten funding beyond 2019:

·        Victorian kids lose 5 hours of funded kinder per week

·        Families who can’t afford the extra childcare, mums especially, will find it harder to return to work

·        Working families will face up to $2000 extra per year if they’re forced to find an extra day of childcare

At a time when Victorian families are struggling with the rising costs of childcare and school, the Federal Government’s unfair cuts will only further disadvantage the kids who need kindergarten education the most.

We don’t want the class of 2019 to be the last year that has access to 15 hours of funded 4 year old kindergarten. Victorian children deserve better.

Please commit to ongoing, adequate and sustainable funding for kindergarten funding

Sign up and tell the Federal Government that a cut to our kids’ kinder is a cut to their education.

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