Mr Turnbull, Don’t cut our kids’ kinder

Kinder gives our kids the best start at a critical time in their development and helps prepare them for school. But the Federal Government is planning to end its kinder funding agreement with Victoria and the rest of Australia in December 2017.

By ending the agreement, the Federal Government will be cutting $100 million from Victorian kindergartens which means every kinder kid will lose the equivalent of a day of kinder funding.

If the Federal Government goes ahead with this plan:

- Our kids lose 5 hours of funded kinder a week at a vital stage of their development

- Families who can’t afford the extra childcare, mums especially, will find it harder to return to work

- Working families face up to $2000 extra per year per child in child care costs, even after the Child Care Rebate, if they’re forced to find an extra day of child care.
At a time when Victorian families already struggle with the rising costs of childcare and school, the Federal Government’s unfair funding cuts would further disadvantage the kids who need kindergarten education the most.

Sign up and tell the Federal Government that a cut to our kids’ kinder is a cut to their education.
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Mr Turnbull, kindergarten is too important to play politics with. Please renew the Federal Government’s National Partnership Agreement now and commit to Victorian kids' kindergarten funding.

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